Popular Services

Contact the IT Service Desk.

Report an incident to the IT Service Desk.

Grant access (or change access) to an employee to Banner modules or specific Banner Forms and Banner Admin Pages.

Hardware procurement request for UFV standard and non standard hardware such as a computer, laptop, monitors, tablets and other peripherals and components.

Onboard new employees so they can receive UFV network file access, computer, email, phone, and business application accounts.

Reserve equipment (e.g., projector, wireless presenter, microphone) for a small meeting, class, or gathering.

Request an update to the UFV directory information.

Request an account extension for a contract or sessional employee.

Audio visual support for an academic-related event.

Software purchase, software install, software license transfer, lab software

Request updates to access or a change in ownership (S: drive) to employee network file folder/share.

Request access changes to a shared mailbox (add or remove an employee and / or change an owner).

Wi-Fi for Guests, Contractors, or Events

This service is used to request a softphone.

Request adding or removing enrolment in your course for a lab monitor, teaching assistant, observer, evaluator, etc.

Request a course restore or recovery of deleted course content.

Grant limited access to the UFV network and computers for a student (e.g., co-op).

New physical desk phone with a local number (single line), front desk phone (multi-line), or queue phone.

Request a UFV employee name change for network login username and employee email.

Report an issue with Banner and applications that integrate with Banner (e.g., FAST).

Offboard an employee (retirement, resignation, and contract end).

This service is used to request purchase of a new mobile phone for a new or existing UFV employee.

Departmental transfer of an employee's IT resources.

Use this form to request an IT service that is currently not in our Service Catalogue.