IT Services can assist UFV employees and departments with software purchases, software installs, and software license transfers.    

Use the "Software Purchase Request" when you need:

  1. Software Quote - Indicate on the Software Purchase request form that your request is for a quote only.
  2. Purchase Software - You must submit a Software Purchase request for software that UFV does not currently own or software that you need additional licenses for.

Use the "Software Install Request" when you need to install:

  1. Free Software - Free software can be installed by ITS once it has been assessed and approved.  
  2. Previously Purchased Software - Previously purchased software can be reinstalled by ITS.  ITS will assess if a new license or a license transfer is required prior to installation.

Use the "Software License Transfer Request" when you need to:

  1. Transfer a software license of previously purchased software between users.
  2. Transfer a software license of previously purchased software between workstations.
  3. Note: You do not need to transfer licenses for Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office.


Check Software Centre or the Microsoft Store (free software only) for software that is available to you and can be installed without IT Services assistance.  You must submit a software purchase request for paid or subscription based software that is not included on a UFV provided desktop or laptop.

Common software purchases include:

  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • EndNote
  • Snagit


Click on the applicable service offering and complete all required fields on the form.

Only authorized requestors can submit the Software Purchase and Software License Transfer request. Authorized requestors include: 

  • Departmental Assistant, Administrative Assistant (e.g., Executive Assistant, Program Assistant, etc.), or as authorized by Director, VP, or Dean
  • Department Head
  • Dean
  • VP / AVP
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Employees on the Exceptions List (internal list maintained by IT Services)


Contact the IT Service Desk, or check the ticket status in the Online Portal for updates.

Service Catalogue Entry

Service Name Software
Service Users UFV Employees
Description Request a software purchase, software install, or software license transfer
Features N/A
Category Software
Sub Category N/A
Service Offerings Software Purchase, Software Install, Software License Transfer
Service Owner Manager, Client Technology
Business Owner Manager, Client Technology
Authorized Requestors All UFV employees can request a software install.  Only Authorized Account Requestors can request software purchases or software license transfers. 
Request Process Submit the request form with all required fields.  Software purchase and software license transfer require Dean, department head, or supervisor approval.
Approval Requirement/Process Software purchase and software license transfer require Dean, department head, or supervisor approval.
Requirements and Pre-requisites Some service offerings require a budget code (e.g., software purchase).
Turnaround Time for New Requests 5 - 10 business days depending on service offering.
Requester Responsibility Enter all required fields on the form.  Provide all necessary details.  
Support Hours IT Service Desk business hours
Hours of Availability/Planned Downtime 24/7
Support Process Contact the IT Service Desk.  Check the status of the ticket in the IT Services Portal.
Support Owner Manager, Client Technology
Support Documentation IT Services Portal Knowledge Base
Customer Costs N/A
Software Purchase Request Software Install Request Software License Transfer Request


Service ID: 2674
Tue 8/2/22 4:14 PM
Fri 9/23/22 4:18 PM

Service Offerings (3)

Software Purchase
Purchase of new software.
Software Install
Request installation of previously purchased or free software that is not part of the UFV standard computer or isn't available via Software Centre or the Microsoft Store.
Software License Transfer
Transfer a software license between employees or workstations.