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Use this service to request enterprise or business application enhancements.

Classrooms & meeting rooms equipment, audio-visual event support, equipment reservation, AV consultation services

Grant limited access to the UFV network and computers for an external user (non-UFV employee).

Request adding or removing enrolment in your course for a lab monitor, teaching assistant, observer, evaluator, etc.

Request hardware procurement for UFV standard and non-standard hardware such as a computer, laptop, monitors, tablets, and other peripherals and components.

M365 for Students software support and information (Email, OneDrive, MS Teams, Microsoft Office applications).

Request a Microsoft Team for a course.

This service is used to request purchase of a new mobile phone for a new or existing UFV employee or to request an upgrade to a current UFV-issued device.

Request a new network data cable drop be installed in an office, cubicle, or other workspace.

Network File Share Creation

Network File Recovery From Backup

Onboard new employees so they can receive UFV network file access, computer, email, telephone, and business application accounts.

Use this service to request a new project.

Report an incident to the IT Service Desk.

Software purchase, software install, software license transfer, lab software