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About Audio Visual Services

About Cybersecurity

Use this service to request enterprise or business application enhancements.

Use this service to submit TeamDynamix enhancement requests.

Grant access (or change access) to an employee to Banner modules or specific Banner Forms and Banner Admin Pages.

Use this service to submit Banner enhancement requests.

Report an issue with Banner and applications that integrate with Banner (e.g., FAST).

BlueJeans accounts are no longer available.

The Career Mapping tool helps students explore and engage with future careers.

Classroom and meeting room audio visual technical guides and inventory by campus and building.

Contact the IT Service Desk.

Grant limited access to the UFV network and computers for an external contractor.

Cybersecurity Team and Contacts

Request an update to the UFV directory information.

Employees can complete the Educational Technology Request form to request consideration of new educational technology software utilizing the Covid-19 educational technology fund.