Workstation Setup


This service is used to request assistance with setting up your workstation (desktop, laptop, docking stations, monitors, and/or peripherals) after a move or relocation.

Contact Logistics directly for assistance moving equipment and boxes. ITS will assist with reconnecting and setup once the labeled hardware is at the new location.

At the new location, computer hardware and the employee's desk must be clearly identified and labeled with employee's name.

Note: ITS doesn't provide power bars. Any necessary cables will be provided.

IMPORTANT: ITS recommends that requests for workstation setup come from a department assistant for tracking purposes.

Information Required

UFV employees can complete the Workstation Setup form to request assistance with computer hardware setup after a move or relocation. Please provide the following information when filling out the form: 

  • Employee(s) name
  • Workstation ID
  • New location
  • Type of computer equipment
  • Requested setup date and time


Click on the "Submit Workstation Setup Request" and complete all required fields on the form. ITS will contact you to confirm the time of the workstation setup.


Contact the IT Service Desk, or check the ticket status in the Online Portal for updates.

Submit Workstation Setup Request


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