Employee onboarding/offboarding/transfers, account extensions, name change, directory update, Banner access, file share access, department transfers or role changes, account extensions

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New Employee Onboarding

Onboard new employees so they can receive UFV network file access, computer, email, phone, and business application accounts.

Employee Offboarding (Resignations, Retirements, and Contract Ends Only)

Offboard an employee (retirement, resignation, and contract end).

Directory Update

Request an update to the UFV directory information.

Extend Employee Account

Request an account extension for a contract or sessional employee.

Employee Department Transfer / Role Change

Employee department transfers of IT resources or role changes within the same department.

Student Limited Access to UFV Network & Computers

Grant limited access to the UFV network and computers for a student (e.g., co-op).

Network File Share Employee Access

Request updates to access or a change in ownership (S: drive) to employee network file folder/share.

Name Change (UFV employee)

Request a UFV employee name change for network login username and employee email.

FAST Account Request

FAST Account Request

Banner Account Request

Grant access (or change access) to an employee to Banner modules or specific Banner Forms and Banner Admin Pages.

Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

Request a remote desktop (RDP) connection to a UFV campus computer.

MachForm Permissions

Request permissions to MachForm entries and reports.

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