Workstation Reassignment / Imaging


This service is used to request to reassign hardware to another employee and/or have hardware imaged.

Workstation Reassignment

If hardware is being reassigned to another employee, a request for Workstation Reassignment will need to be submitted.

NOTE: Requests for Workstation Reassignment must be submitted by a member of the Authorized Account Requester group.

Hardware Imaging

Imaging or reimaging hardware erases all user data and software on a computer by replacing it with a clean version of the operating system and standard software. This can help to improve computer performance, fix issues and errors, and provide a new and updated version of software.

This process is sometimes recommended when IT staff have tried various methods to fix a computer issue but the issue continues to be unresolved. Imaging is also recommended when employees leave their position and their workstation must be reset for the next employee.

If your computer needs to be imaged, indicate if you require a backup of your local profile data or if you have licensed software that needs to be reinstalled.

Information Required

UFV employees that are part of the authorized requestors group (except if only hardware imaging is needed) can complete the Hardware Reassignment / Imaging form to request to reassign hardware and/or to have hardware imaged. Please provide the following information when filling out the form: 

  • Workstation ID
  • For Reassignment:
    • Name of previous employee
    • Name of new employee
    • Location/office, if changed
  • For Imaging:
    • If local profile data needs to be backed up
    • If licensed software needs to be installed
  • Pick up or Drop off location
  • Requested date and time


Click on the "Submit Reassignment / Imaging Request" and complete all required fields on the form. ITS will contact you to arrange drop off or pick up.

The employee submitting the request for Workstation Reassignment (except if only hardware imaging is needed) must be part of the Authorized Account Requestors group.  Authorized Account Requestors include:

  • Departmental Assistant, Administrative Assistant (e.g., Executive Assistant, Program Assistant, etc.), or as authorized by Director, VP, or Dean
  • Department Head
  • Dean
  • VP / AVP
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Employees on the Exceptions List (internal list maintained by IT Services)


Contact the IT Service Desk, or check the ticket status in the Online Portal for updates.

Submit Workstation Reassignment / Imaging Request


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