Banner Account Request


Banner is a program used for institution-wide record keeping. This service request form can be used to grant access (or change access) to an employee to Banner modules or specific Banner Forms and Banner Admin Pages.

Only department heads, deans, directors, or department assistants can submit a request to setup Banner access. This request will first be directed to the appropriate Banner Data Custodian for approval. Once that approval has been granted, the Banner Data Custodian will authorize IT Services to create or make the changes to the Banner account. 

Information Required

Please fill in the following information when you submit your request:

  • What type of Banner account request new, change, or extension
  • Employee ID number
  • First and last name
  • Title
  • Department
  • Permissions temporary or permanent
  • Account name to copy and match access to (if applicable)
  • Module/s required Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Student
  • Specific Banner tables (if applicable)
  • If additional system access is also required e.g. FAST
  • Authorized Requester details
  • Supervisor/Department Head email address

Once the new account is setup, IT Service Desk sends the username and temporary password to both the department requestor and the new account holder.


Note that the Banner Account request is outside of the IT Service Desk portal system. Your request will first be sent to the applicable Data Custodian/s. The IT Service Desk will not be aware of your request until the Data Custodian forwards approval to the IT Service Desk. At that point a ticket will be generated and the requester will receive updates through the IT Service Desk ticketing system.

Instructions for Banner login

  • Banner launch icons are located on your UFV desktop computer
  • Banner cannot be logged into remotely unless Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is used as it must be ran from with the UFV lan
  • Your username is usually the same as your network account username last name and first initial (ex. smithj), howver the password will be different
  • Your password is a temporary password until you log into Banner where you will be required to change it at first login
  • Password resets for Banner can be requested through the IT Service Desk

Service Catalogue Entry

Service Name Banner Account Request
Service Users Faculty, Staff
Description Grant access (or change access) to an employee to Banner modules or specific Banner Forms and Banner Admin Pages.
Category Accounts and Access
Sub Category Employee Accounts
Supporting Services Banner
Active Directory
Service Owner CIO
Business Owner CFO, VP Administration
Authorized Requesters

Director, Department Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
Program Assistant
VP or Dean, Administrative Assistant as authorized by VP or Dean
Instructional Department Head

Request Process Complete the form and have it approved by the Data Custodian.
The Data Custodian submits the approved form to the IT Service Desk.
A ticket is automatically created from the email and assigned directly to the Applications team in the TeamDynamix ITSM portal.
Approval Requirement/Process Approval from Banner Data Custodian
Requirements and Pre-requisites

Banner ID
Type of change (new, extension, change)
Level of permissions
Permanent or Temporary (with expiration date)
Based on another person's permission? If yes, who?
Specific tables in the module (if known)

Turnaround Time for New Requests

Once the Data Custodian has submitted the approved form to the IT Service Desk, 5 business days


Requester Responsibility Complete and submit the Banner Request form, and have it authorized by the Data Custodian
Support Hours Standard business hours
Hours of Availability/Planned Downtime Standard business hours
Support Process Follow-up with the Data Custodian. Once the Data Custodian has submitted the form, follow-up with the IT Service Desk.
Support Owner Application Delivery Manager
Support Documentation Network file share, Knowledge Base articles
Customer Costs N/A


Banner Account Request


Service ID: 378
Fri 2/7/20 1:27 PM
Fri 11/4/22 9:50 AM