Employee Offboarding (Resignations, Retirements, and Contract Ends Only)


This service is used to request the offboarding of an employee due to retirement, resignation, or contract end only. Departments must submit an Employee Offboarding service request upon an employee leaving UFV in order for ITS to remove access to systems and reallocate assets (e.g., departmental share drive access, budget codes for printing, hardware reallocation). The request should be submitted prior to the employee's last day of work.

For employees that are transferring departments or changing roles but staying employed at UFV, use the Employee Department Transfer / Role Change service.

Information Required

UFV employees that are part of the Authorized Account Requestors group can complete the Employee Offboarding form to offboard an employee. Please provide the following information when filling out the form:

  • Employee ID
  • Expiration date of account (last day required)
  • Offboarding status
  • Budget code (for Print/Copy) to be removed
  • Banner account to be removed
  • Special instructions


Click on the "Submit Employee Offboarding Request" button and complete all required fields on the form. 

The employee submitting this request must be part of the Authorized Account Requestors group. Authorized Account Requestors include:

  • Department Assistant (or an Administrative Assistant e.g., Executive Assistant, Program Assistant, etc., authorized by Director)
  • Department Head
  • Dean
  • VP / AVP
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Employees on the Exceptions List (internal list maintained by IT Services)


For support with employee offboarding, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Submit Employee Offboarding Request


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