Mobile Device Purchase


This service and form is to be used to request purchase of a new mobile phone for a new or existing UFV employee. This request must come from a user that has authority to request permissions on behalf of their department.

Please Note: An authorization request will be sent to the Spending Authority of the budget code provided for approval.

Complete one request form for each Employee.

Information Required

If you are ready to request a new device, submit the a Mobile Device Purchase Request form.

You will need the following information on hand to complete the request form:

  • Employee Name (for new device)
  • Department
  • Office Number
  • Employment Type ( i.e. permanent, contract, sessional, temporary or student)
  • Manufacturer, model, colour and storage size of the device; visit Rogers Mobility to view available devices
  • Determination if employee already has a UFV mobile device plan
    • If yes, current phone number of that device
  • Will the employee be porting (moving) a personal number to the new device?
    • If yes, what is the personal device phone number and current carrier
  • If the device will require a new SIM card
  • Required date of activation
  • If you require a quote before purchase
  • If you require a new case, enter the case name and model in the Additional Comments field
  • Budget Code
  • Spending Authority name


Activate your new mobile phone

When we receive your new device, we will contact you to visit the IT Service Desk to complete the setup. 

Before visiting IT Service Desk, please prepare the following:

  • If you plan to restore your new phone with content/contacts from a previous phone, complete a back up of your previous phone and sign out of your account (Google ID/Apple ID).  Visit Rogers Mobile Preparation to learn more.
  • When picking up your phone at IT Service Desk, you will need to sign into the phone using your UFV user name and password
Submit Mobile Device Purchase Request


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