Hardware Procurement


UFV standard hardware such as a computer, laptop and/or monitors, is requested through IT Services.  Computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard) for campus use may be outsourced for purchase.  IT Services should be consulted prior to peripheral purchase to confirm that the device is compatible with UFV standard computing equipment and/or network infrastructure.

Computer Refresh Program

IT Services allocates and supports new computer hardware in a 4-year cycle for all full-time, permanent UFV employees (100% full-time).  Sessional Faculty and/or shared, temporary staff computers are not included in the refresh program, each department is responsible allocating funds from their budget (capital hardware) for these positions.  Only Department Heads, Deans, Directors, or Department Assistants can request hardware from the Computer Refresh Program on behalf of the employee.

Please contact the IT Deployment Coordinator for current schedule information.

Purchase/Request Hardware

If you are ready to purchase standard or non-standard hardware complete a Hardware Request Form.

You will need the following information on hand to complete the request form:

  • Employee Name (who will use the hardware)
  • Employee Email
  • Department
  • Office or Classroom Number
  • Local Number
  • Whether the hardware is for Administration/Employee Use or Classroom/Computer Lab Use
  • Requested date of installation
  • Type of employment i.e. Permanent or Temporary/Contract
    • Contract end date if applicable
  • Authorized Requester details
  • Budget Code
  • Spending Authority name
  • Type of standard or non-standard hardware
    • UFV Standard Hardware/Computer: View the specifications of standard UFV hardware 
    • Non-Standard Hardware/Computer (Capital Hardware). Common requests include:
      • Tablet or iPad
      • iMac or MacBook
      • Desktop Printers
      • Laptop or Desktop Computer (not included in UFV Standard Hardware Inventory)

You will receive a notification that IT Services has received your request and an IT Services employee will be in contact with you.

Please Note -  Computer hardware (excluding peripherals) is considered a restricted purchase and cannot be purchased directly by the employee/department.

Submit Hardware Procurement Request


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