Employee Department Transfer / Role Change


If an employee is transferring to a new department or if their role is changing within the same department, then use this service to request the transfer of an employee's IT resources. Only members of the Authorized Account Requestors group can submit a Department Transfer / Role Change request. 

Department Transfer

If the transferring employee is moving to a new department (e.g., employee transfer from OReg to Financial Aid & Awards), the request should be submitted by the employee's new department.  The employee's previous department may be contacted for information about an employee's computer, mobile phone, or softphone / local phone.

Role Change

If the employee's role is changing but they will remain in the same department (e.g., employee's role changing from Service Desk Analyst to Support Analyst), the request should be submitted by the member of the Authorized Account Requestors group for the department.

A Department Transfer / Role Change will:

  1. Remove access to previous department G: drive (Departments drive), S: drive (Groups), and email distribution groups (if applicable).
  2. Add access to new department G: drive, S: drive, and email distribution groups.
  3. Reassign a computer and phone (if applicable). Note that the previous local phone will be unassigned and a different computer will be assigned. 
  4. Update the UFV directory with the new employee information (if applicable).
  5. Update the print system with new budget code(s) and removal of previous budget codes.
  6. If Banner permissions are needed, submit this request. Note that any previous Banner permissions will be revoked upon a departmental transfer.   

This service is only to be used for requesting the transfer of an employee's IT resources when an employee is moving between departments or the employee's role is changing within the same department. Do not use the Offboarding or Onboarding service request for departmental transfers or role changes.  

IMPORTANT:  An employee's access to the previous department or teams' resources (e.g., network share drives) will be removed as part of the Department Transfer / Role Change. It is the previous department's responsibility to inform the IT Service Desk if any access from the previous department is to be retained (e.g., a week of access to help transition / train a new employee).  If access is needed, an end date must be provided at which time the access will be rescinded. 

Information Required

UFV employees that are part of the Authorized Account Requestors group can complete the Department Transfer / Role Change form to request a transfer of an employee from one department to another, or a role change for an employee within the same department. Please provide the following information when filling out the form:

  • Name of transferring employee  
  • Employee ID number of transferring employee
  • Previous department 
  • Previous department contact
  • New department
  • New position job title
  • New primary campus and office number
  • Phone details
  • Employee start date
  • Contract end date (if applicable)
  • Access retention date (if applicable)
  • Shared mailbox and G: / S: drive access 
  • Previous and new budget codes


Click on the "Submit Department Transfer / Role Change Request" button and complete all required fields on the form. 

The employee submitting this request must be part of the Authorized Account Requestors group.  Authorized Account Requestors include:

  • Department Assistant (or an Administrative Assistant e.g., Executive Assistant, Program Assistant, etc., authorized by Director)
  • Department Head
  • Dean
  • VP / AVP
  • Director
  • Manager
  • Employees on the Exceptions List (internal list maintained by IT Services)


For support with department transfers, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Submit Department Transfer / Role Change Request


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