My Recently Visited Services

Onboard new employees so they can receive UFV network file access, computer, email, phone, and business application accounts.

Hardware Procurement Request for UFV standard and non standard hardware such as a computer, laptop, monitors, tablets and other peripherals and components.

Request a new shared mailbox.

BlueJeans accounts are no longer available.

Request updates to access or a change in ownership (S: drive) to employee network file folder/share.

Wi-Fi for Guests, Contractors or Events

Request a URL redirect is a web server function that sends a user from one URL to another.

Learn how to reset your password for single sign on to myUFV, myClass, myFiles, myMail.

Software procurement requests, licensing inquiries, technology tools for teaching, and software recommendations for administration and classroom use.

Grant access (or change access) to an employee to Banner modules or specific Banner Forms and Banner Admin Pages.

Request an account extension for a contract or sessional employee.

Email Box Size Increase

This service is used to request purchase of a new mobile phone for a new or existing UFV employee.

Offboard an employee (retirement, resignation, and contract end).

Grant limited access to the UFV network and computers for a student (i.e., co-op).

Request a UFV employee name change for network login username and employee email.

A remote computing assessment will aid in determining how remote work can be supported.

Public facing pages on the website are maintained by the myWeb team in University Relations.

Information Technology Services About Us

Add, modify, or delete bookable resources (such as rooms, equipment, etc.) within the global address book.

Network File Recovery From Backup

Request a subdomain for a website main domain.

Student Device Support