New Shared Mailbox


Use this service to request a new shared mailbox. 

Information Required

Please fill in the following information when you submit your request:

  • Account owner name (This person will manage the account and will be the only authorized individual to request access for other employees.)
  • Account owner department
  • Purpose of the account
  • Preferred email address
  • Preferred display name (This will be the name displayed in the Global Address List and on the send and receive email header in Outlook.)

Only authorized requestors can submit this form. Authorized requestors include: 

  • Director
  • Departmental Assistant, Administrative Assistant (e.g., Executive Assistant, Program Assistant etc., or as authorized by Director)
  • VP or Dean, or Administrative Assistant as authorized by VP or Dean
  • Instructional Department Head
  • Manager
  • Employees on the Exceptions List (internal list maintained by IT Services)

Once the new account is setup, the IT Service Desk sends the account information to the requestor and the new account owner.


Complete the form and submit.  The IT Service Desk will provide the account information once the email has been setup.

Access to a shared mailbox is provided via permissions that are granted by the IT Service Desk (i.e., passwords are not shared). 

The account owner can request additional employee(s) have access to a shared mailbox.

For more information on shared mailboxes visit the following Knowledge Base articles:


Submit New Shared Mailbox Request

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