Student Device Support


Student Device Support (SDS) program is available to registered UFV students* who require software and hardware support of their personal devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and/or tablets.

The following services are provided:

  • Support of all UFV central-delivered products and services
  • PC and MAC hardware repairs (data backup and recovery as required)
  • Support of Android and iOS devices (based on the availability of hardware equipments)
  • Cell/tablet screen replacement
  • Data Recovery
  • Upgrades and installations of software
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Technical advice

As a UFV student* the electronics repair and technical support provided by our Student Technology Analysts is free.

NOTE: The cost of hardware/parts or software required to repair a student-owned device is the responsibility of the student. Any hardware procurement for repairs will be done through the IT Service Desk. Warranty and liability reasons prevent our Student Technology Analysts from completing repairs using new or used parts acquired directly by the student.

Our Student Technology Analysts are located within our IT Service Desk:

  • Building G on the Abbotsford campus (G131)
  • Building A on the CEP Campus (A0006)

Book an appointment and bring your device to the IT Service Desk during your appointment time and a Student Technology Analyst can assist you.


Booking your QLess appointment

To book your QLess appointment you can:

1. Follow the link to join one of our virtual line-ups: 

CEP QLess QR code

2. Fill in your details and select one of the two options:

  • ITS Student Device Support Appointments - Abbotsford
  • ITS Student Device Support Appointments - Chilliwack

QLess appointment booking

3. Select the type of service you need help with.

4. Select the date and time.

5. You will receive a text message confirmation with a confirmation code. 


Alternatively, use the Qless App from your mobile device to book your appointment:

  1. Open the app and select IT Service Desk.
  2. Select Make Appointment under
    1. ITS Student Device Support Appointments – Abbotsford or
    2. ITS Student Device Support Appointments – Chilliwack.
  3. Fill out a short form (phone number, type of service, day of appointment) and click Confirm.
  4. Similarly, you will receive an SMS confirmation.


NOTE: Follow the instructions mentioned in the text message to make changes to your appointment. For eg; you can cancel your appointment by replying with "C" to the text message. 

Students must bring their valid Campus Card ID and ensure that they are eligible for the service as UFV student* before their scheduled appointment.


Be Prepared

  • Reach on the scheduled time and stay outside of the IT Service Desk until you are summoned by QLess or your appointment time has arrived.
  • Bring your Campus Card ID.
  • Tell friends and family to wait outside of the building while visiting the IT Service Desk. Only those who have an appointment scheduled or joined the queue will be permitted inside the Service Desk.
  • Follow UFV’s Communicable Disease Prevention Guidelines and listen for directions from UFV Safety Ambassadors.
  • Stay at home and cancel the appointment if you are not feeling well.

UFV SUS cooperative services program

*UFV Student refers to those students who have a valid (non expired) UFV Student Campus Card and are registered in the current semester and have paid the SUS IT Service fee on their current term account balance. This can be verified from within myUFV as shown below. This service is not currently available for Continuing Education students. The SDS program is operated by IT Services and funded by the SUS IT Service Fee.

Student account balance details

Student Device Support


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