Student Email Zimbra

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Automatically Forwarding Student Email

Forwarding messages to another external email account, although the IT Services department doesn't recommend it.

Blackboard Email Appears to Come From a Different Sender

Responding to a problem where a student reports that they are getting multiple emails from an incorrect instructor that they are not taking classes with but the email belongs to their current classes. The emails are legitimate but the “from” in the email is incorrect.

Setting Your Email Client or Mobile Device to Send and Receive STUDENT Email

Due to SMTP server configurations, POP and IMAP configuration for set-up in 3rd party email clients, or on mobile devices, is not configurable for Zimbra student email.

Student Emails Not Delivered to Instructor Email Address

Instructor reports that emails from addresses are not being delivered to the instructor email address.

Student Email Account

How to access student email.