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Quick start guide on how to connect to the wifi (eduroam) available for the employees and students to connect at UFV.
Student guide on accessing UFV Computer Labs on campus or remotely.
Student guide on how to use student myUFV account for several web-services such as accessing student information or registration details or online classes, etc. , reset the password, and unlock the account.
Guide for students on accessing, setting up UFV student email on their computers, and mobile devices, and includes information on email forwarding not supported, and email name change.
UFV Resources & FAQ including knowledge base, office 365, UFV alerts, or renting video equipment, etc.
Guide on Microsoft Outlook sync issues folders, receiving synchronization log messages, and how to remove the log messages.
New UFV Employees and Students will be prompted complete this combined registration, which offers two benefits: SSPR (self service password reset), and MFA (multi factor authentication).
MAC OS Big Sur and Catalina may receive a developer not verified error when installing SPSS 25. This article provides a troubleshooting guide to help resolve SPSS 25 installation issue with installation.
Instructions for employees or students to reset your own password if you are locked out of your account or forget your password.
Instructions for employee self-service password reset for myUFV, Blackboard, Banner 9 or your Network Login Account (PC/Email) Password Using Self Service
Guide with the information on the most commonly used ITS services and tools by students.
Guide for students on how to move emails from Zimbra to another email account during migration to M356 Exchange Online.
Instructions for employees on how to login to the Zoom application.
Student and Employee guide on configuring wifi (eduroam) on an iPhone at UFV.
Student and Employee guide on configuring wifi (eduroam) for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone devices at UFV.
UFV students and employees can receive MS Office 365 for free.
A quick Remote Desktop Connection guide and FAQs to assist with the setup RDP gateway remote access to UFV work computers.
Student and Employee guide on configuring wifi (eduroam) on a Windows Laptop at UFV.
Troubleshooting guide on connecting to the wifi (eduroam) available for the employees and students at UFV.
Instructions for student self-service password reset and unlocking student account for myUFV, myFiles, myMail, myClass, and other SSO application logins
Student and Faculty guide on accessing their course/class resources online using myClass (Blackboard Learning).
Guide on login to M365 applications, switching between accounts, and installing M365 applications on a personal device.
Guide on how to set up and use M365 components that are currently available for UFV Students.
Student and Employee guide on configuring wifi (eduroam) on a MacBook at UFV.