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Student guide on accessing UFV Computer Labs on campus or remotely.
Learn to define spam and phishing as well as the impact they can have. Learn to spot a legitimate email message.
UFV ITS Services Password Conventions
Instruction for students and employees on installing SPSS 27 on MAC computer
Instruction on access software, Installing SPSS 25 for Mac Users.
Instructions for students on how to view final grades in myUFV once released by the instructor.
Instruction for students and employees on installing SPSS 27 on Windows computer
New UFV Employees and Students will be prompted complete this combined registration, which offers two benefits: SSPR (self service password reset), and MFA (multi factor authentication).
Employee guide on troubleshooting steps for verifying Always ON VPN connection.
A quick Remote Desktop Connection guide and FAQs to assist with the setup RDP gateway remote access to UFV work computers.
Backing up your data is crucial in case of hardware failure, ransomeware, or other data-destroying malware. While UFV manages our network file backups, it is always a good idea to back up your personal data.
Spoofing is a technique to hide the true origin of an email message. This is commonly used to send phishing to the UFV community. This article will help you identify email spoofing, and understand why it happens.
Instructions on Adding a Shared Mailbox Manually in Outlook
Student and Faculty guide on accessing their course/class resources online using myClass (Blackboard Learning).
Instructions for employee self-service password reset for myUFV, Blackboard, Banner 9 or your Network Login Account (PC/Email) Password Using Self Service
Guide for Students and Employees on how to create and manage teams in MS Teams.
Guide on how to set up and use M365 components that are currently available for UFV Employees.
While you can set up email forwarding from your UFV email to another account, ITS does not recommend this. Read this guide to find out why.
The Outlook Junk Folder holds suspected spam and phishing for your review. This article explains how to review and re-classify Junk messages.
Instructions for UFV employees on installing and upgrading to Microsoft O365 Apps for Enterprise on a UFV provided workstation.
How to do a service request ticket approval when you are designated as the Spending Authority or Approver.
MAC OS Big Sur and Catalina may receive a developer not verified error when installing SPSS 25. This article provides a troubleshooting guide to help resolve SPSS 25 installation issue with installation.
Convert HEIC/HEIF files to JPEG using Photoshop.
Responding to a problem where a student reports that they are getting multiple emails from an incorrect instructor that they are not taking classes with but the email belongs to their current classes. The emails are legitimate but the “from” in the email is incorrect. Students receiving a bounce-back email when emailing their instructor.