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The Outlook Junk Folder holds suspected spam and phishing for your review. This article explains how to review and re-classify Junk messages.
Guide on how to set up and use M365 components that are currently available for UFV Employees.
Instructions for UFV employees on installing and upgrading to Microsoft O365 Apps for Enterprise on a UFV provided workstation.
Guide with the information on the most commonly used ITS services and tools by students.
These errors may present when you sign in to M365 services with your UFV account. If you encounter an error, read this article to find out what to do about it.
Resources and answers to the frequently asked questions and commonly reported incidents on M365 for Students.
Guide on login to M365 applications, switching between accounts, and installing M365 applications on a personal device.
Instructions on how to download or upload files and folders to OneDrive.