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As a current UFV student or employee, you can connect to UFV wireless network (Wi-Fi) using the eduroam (education roaming) services.

Eduroam is a collaborative network providing fast, secure, and reliable access to wireless services (Wi-Fi) on UFV campuses as well as at participating institutions in over 100 territories worldwide. Use your eduroam credentials where participating research and educational institutions have eduroam hotspots.

Initial setup of your device (i.e. laptop, tablet, smartphone) is required on a UFV campus before connecting at other institutions.

Choose your type of mobile device and follow the instructions on how to download the eduroam app and setup your eduroam connection at UFV:


Android or iOS

1. In your Wi-Fi network settings, click eduroam-help

2. Download the eduroam app by choosing the appropriate instructions:

  • If you have a data plan with access to the internet on your device, find the geteduroam app for your type of device from your app store and download and launch the app:
  • If you have no data plan and cannot connect to the internet on your device, download the eduroam installer:
    • Go to the eduroam website
    • Click the blue banner to start the download (your type of device will automatically be detected)

3. Find and select University of the Fraser Valley when prompted for your institution and click Next:
Eduroam config for UFV.png

4. Enter your UFV credentials:

  • Students: your username is your full email address
    • i.e.
  • Employees: your username is your full email address
    • i.e.

5. Click Connect to Network and choose Allow if prompted by any of the following messages:

  • Allow Wi-Fi connection?
  • Allow suggested Wi-Fi networks?
  • Save the network?


Windows Laptop or Tablet

1. Click the eduroam-help Wi-Fi network

2. Download the eduroam configuration assistant (CAT) tool:

  • Go to
  • Choose Click here to download your eduroam installer
  • When prompted for your organization, select University of the Fraser Valley and your device type will be automatically detected

Eduroam installer institution.png

3. Click the blue eduroam button to download the installer to your device

4. After the download completes, launch the installer file

5. Click Next and follow setup wizard steps

Eduroam installer welcome.png

6. Enter your UFV credentials and click Install:

  • Students: your username is your full email address
    • i.e.
  • Employees: your username is your full email address
    • i.e.

Eduroam credentials.png

7. If you get a Security Warning asking, Do you want to install this certificate?, click Yes

Eduroam certficate.png

8. Once installation completes, click Finish and your device is ready to connect to eduroam

Eduroam installation complete.png



1. When you see the Join Wi-Fi network box appearing, fill in the following fields:
  • SSID: eduroam
  • EAP Method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • Server CA Certificate: Do Not Check
  • User Certificate: None Installed
  • Identity: UFV Email
    • Students: your username is your full email address
      • i.e.
    • Employees: your username is your full email address
      • i.e.
  • Password: UFV email password
  • Anonymous Identity: Empty
Chromebook's Join Wi-Fi network dialogue box

Do You Still Need Help Connecting to Eduroam?

UFV IT Services provides support for the wireless service and the eduroam authentication process offered across all UFV campuses. If UFV is not your home university, please seek instruction from IT help services at your own institution. 

Contact IT Service Desk

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