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Commonly asked questions about email access, email delivery, and spam/phishing.
While you can set up email forwarding from your UFV email to another account, ITS does not recommend this. Read this guide to find out why.
Read this article to find out what to do if an email you sent was blocked, or an email someone sent to you was not received.
Spoofing is a technique to hide the true origin of an email message. This is commonly used to send phishing to the UFV community. This article will help you identify email spoofing, and understand why it happens.
Learn to define spam and phishing as well as the impact they can have. Learn to spot a legitimate email message.
Details the changes a user can expect when their Outlook mailbox is enabled for Online Archive
The Outlook Junk Folder holds suspected spam and phishing for your review. This article explains how to review and re-classify Junk messages.
Instructions for employees or students on how to add or update a personal email address in myUFV.
Guide on how to set up and use M365 components that are currently available for UFV Employees.
Instructions for student self-service password reset and unlocking student account for myUFV, myFiles, myMail, myClass, and other SSO application logins
Guide on configuring home computer MS Outlook for employee email.
Instructions for employees to set up a third-party email client on your personal mobile device to get your UFV  email.
Create and add a signature to email messages.
How To Set an Out of Office Message in Outlook
Instructions on how to manage the distribution group in Outlook