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The Outlook Junk Folder holds suspected spam and phishing for your review. This article explains how to review and re-classify Junk messages.
Guide on how to set up and use M365 components that are currently available for UFV Employees.
Guide on configuring home computer MS Outlook for employee email.
Instructions for employees to set up a third-party email client on your personal mobile device to get your UFV  email.
Create and add a signature to email messages.
Instructions on accessing older emails with a cache mode enabled in Outlook.
How To Set an Out of Office Message in Outlook
Instructions on how to manage the distribution group in Outlook
Instructions on how to setup/ remove automatic replies on your shared mailbox
Instructions to send an email using a shared account in Outlook.
How to delete emails in Shared Mailboxes and prevent emails appearing in the "deleted items" folder of whoever deletes the email.
Instructions on Adding a Shared Mailbox Manually in Outlook
Guide on deleted emails retention policy in Outlook, and how can one recover emails which fall under the recoverable timeframe of 30 days.
Instructions on how to add UFV public folders (e.g. Classifieds or HR public folders) in Outlook Desktop Application and Outlook Web
Guide on the UFV Classifieds folder to post an Ad via Outlook public folder.