Mange your Outlook Junk Folder


The Outlook Junk Folder holds suspected spam and phishing for your review. We recommend you regularly review messages in the Junk Email folder to check for legitimate messages that were incorrectly classified as junk.

Valid email is in my Junk folder. How do I mark it as not junk?

Outlook on the web (

Click on a message to open it in the reading pane. Then, click the Not junk button in the top ribbon.

You can also right-click the message from the messages list, hover over Security options, and click Mark as not junk.


Outlook Desktop App

If a message is open in the reading pane, there will be a junk email warning at the top. Click this warning and then click Move to Inbox.

You can also right-click the message from the messages list, hover over Junk, and click Not Junk.


Junk is going to my inbox. How do I mark it as junk?

In both Outlook Desktop and Outlook on the web, click and drag the email into the Junk Email folder. The more you categorise, the better your spam filter learns.

You can also set up a mail flow rule to move messages from certain senders or mailing lists to the Junk folder.

Why do I get junk/how do spammers get my address?

E-mail spam lists are often created by scanning mailing list addresses or by searching the internet. The more internet activity you participate in with your email address, the more likely you'll end up in a spam list.

Spam is one of the unavoidable pitfalls of being on the internet. It is almost impossible to prevent because any user with an e-mail address can send spam to any other valid e-mail address. That said, you can separate your personal/recreational use of the internet from your University account and use a personal email account instead. Many web sites capture information about visitors without their knowledge and then use it later for unsolicited advertising - be careful what you sign up for using your UFV email address.

If an email is threatening or suspicious, please forward the email to





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