Send an Email From a Shared Mailbox in Outlook

When you shared mailboxes added in Outlook after Exchange Migration, the default email for sending items is from your UFV personal employee email. If you need to send an email using different a shared mailbox, you can choose what mailboxes to send an email from by following the steps below.

Once you send an email from a shared mailbox you may see duplicate sent emails in a shared mailbox and your primary email, check our FAQ section here for more information on that.


How to send an email selecting a shared mailbox in Outlook?

Note: Shared mailbox must be selected using the steps below as a sender every time you need to send an email using this account. 

  1. At the top of your new email, click on the “Options” tab, then click on “From” in the top left.
    Options tab
  2. This will add a “From” field above the “To” field in your new message.

Field available while sending email

  1. Click on the “From” field and select “Other E-mail Address…”.
    From field drop-down list
  2. Type in the account address you’d like to send an email from, and click “OK”.
    Send from other email address dialog box


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see emails sent from a shared mailbox stored in my UFV primary email's sent folder?
By default, the Outlook application can save an email sent from a shared mailbox only in a primary mailbox of the individual. But, our email system retains a copy of that sent email in the shared mailbox's "Sent" folder as well for easy reference. This is why you see sent emails in both your primary UFV email and shared mailbox. 

Can we stop sent emails to show up in Primary Inbox's sent folder?
We cannot stop sent emails to show in your primary inbox's sent folder because of the above default behavior of Outlook. Moreover, now shared mailboxes are not added as additional accounts to Outlook. You can not sign in to a shared mailbox. Instead, you sign in to your primary mailbox, and then you open the shared mailbox you have access to based on the permissions. When you send or reply to a new message from the shared mailbox, Outlook automatically sends or replies from the sender's account. Therefore, messages are stored in the Sent Items folder of the sender's mailbox.


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