Outlook Free/Busy Calendar Settings


In Outlook, you can share your calendar free/busy information with other staff members. This allows others to easily pick up time to schedule meetings with you according to the free/busy information on the calendar. This article shows how to set up permissions in your calendar so that others can see free/busy information.


How to Setup Outlook Calendar to Show Free/Busy Schedule

  1. Open Outlook​​​​​​.
  2. Go to File, and select Options.
    Outlook navigation bar

  3. Select Calendar in the left pane window, then click on Free/Busy Options in the right pane window.
    Calendar screen

  4. The Calendar Property window will appear, select Other Free/Busy…
    Calendar Properties window

  5. Free/Busy Options window will pop up. If you have a “0” in publish, check 'Publish at Location' and change it to “2”.
    Internet Free/Busy Options window

  6. Click OK to close the Free/Busy Option windows.
  7. Click OK to close the Calendar Property.
  8. Close the Outlook Options window.

After this has been completed others will be able to see your Free/Busy Calendar.

If you have any issues following the instructions please contact IT Service Desk and we will gladly help you get this set for you.


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