Deleting Emails in Shared Mailboxes

When you delete emails in a shared mailbox in an outlook application or web portal, by default deleted emails using the "Delete" option in Outlook are sent to the 'Deleted Items' folder of the primary email of whoever deletes that email. This is the default behavior of Outlook because of the way shared mailboxes are set up hence cannot be changed.  Shared mailboxes are now added to the Outlook based on the permissions granted through the IT Service Desk and are no longer are accessible with passwords. This change is part of Exchange Online’s enhanced security. 

If you want to keep the deleted emails in a shared mailbox itself, follow the steps listed below to delete emails in the Outlook application or Outlook web portal:

1. Select the e-mail/s you want to delete.

2. Drag and drop the email/s to the "Deleted Items" folder of the shared mailbox. This alternative way of deleting an email, keeps the deleted email in the shared mailbox's deleted items folder itself.



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