Blocked Email

An email you sent was blocked

If you are sending from a UFV account using Outlook, submit a ticket, or contact our team, and provide one of the following so we can locate the email in our system:

  • Date and time you sent the email
  • Recipient address
  • Any bounce-back or NDR (non-delivery report) you received


Are you using a third-party service like Mailchimp or Symplicity?

If yes, your email is probably blocked because you set the 'send as' (from) address to spoof a UFV email, such as your own or a department email address. This is a common phishing tactic and will be blocked. To set up a third party email service, IT needs to be involved in the set up process. Contact us with the following information:


  • The name of the service/vendor
  • Are emails internal (UFV only) or external?
  • Date emails must be delivered (Please note: configuration takes time and testing. Last minute requests may not be fulfilled on time, we need at least five business days)
  • Sender address/From address: the address you have configured the emails to appear From


With this information, we can help you test your email ahead of time to ensure it will be delivered.

An email someone sent to you was blocked


If you think emails are being blocked, or the sender is receiving a bounce-back (non-delivery report) when emailing a UFV address, you can let us know. We will investigate and if the email can be found, and is safe, unblock it for you.


Note: We will not unblock emails that are flagged for containing viruses or malware. Only emails from safe senders that were caught by the spam filter will be unblocked.


Submit a ticket, or contact out team, and provide one of the following so we can locate the email in our system:

  • Sender email address or domain


  • Subject line


  • Approximate date/time of the email


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