Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding

ITS recommends students do not forward their email to a non-UFV email system due the reasons listed below. If there is a problem with your email forwarding reported to the IT Service Desk, the fix will be to remove the forwarding. Additional investigation will not be undertaken.

Students should always use their UFV email address when contacting instructors.

  1. Spam filters may regard emails sent this way as spam. Email sent from a non-UFV email address to a UFV address may be blocked by spam filters without notification to you. Your instructor or other important recipient may not receive your email at all.
  2. If there is a problem with the UFV email system, it will be communicated to instructors by IT Services. IT Services will not verify non receipt or delay from a personal address to your instructor. Only issues with the UFV email systems will be communicated to or verified for instructors. 
  3. We can't guarantee that you will receive messages forwarded to another email system. A forwarded message could bounce if your inbox is full or otherwise unavailable, or it could be blocked altogether by a spam filter.
  4. Your external email provider domain may be blacklisted on the UFV spam filter system. UFV will not remove blacklisted domains. This means you may not be able to send from that email address to a UFV address.
  5. The UFV-assigned email address clearly identifies you as a student or employee. 
  6. If you are submitting an assignment close to deadline, the UFV email system will get it to your instructor on time. Other email systems may delay sending email, or we be delayed in receiving it.

How to forward student email

If you accept the risks noted above, here is how you can forward your student email:

1. Sign in to Outlook with your student email:
2. Click the gear icon (settings menu)
3. Click View all Outlook Settings
4. In the Mail tab, click Forwarding.
5. !!!IMPORTANT!!! Ensure you check ‘keep a copy of forwarded messages’.

If you do not check this box, emails will be forwarded but deleted from your student inbox. Deleted emails due to forwarding are not recoverable by IT Services.


Third-Party Email Apps (iOS mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc.)

Many modern email applications will be able to be configured with your UFV email. However, IT Services cannot troubleshoot every application there is. Troubleshooting for these applications is offered at best effort only and as a courtesy. If the applications do not work for you and your device, the provided solution will be to use Outlook desktop, mobile, or on the web.


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