Managing a Personal Email Address in myUFV

Add your personal email address to your myUFV account

Employees or Students can add a personal email address to their myUFV account which can be used for easy self-serve password reset for their myUFV account. Personal email address can be anything including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other 3rd party email account.

Steps to add a personal email address

1. Login to myUFV at using your UFV email address and password.

2. Click on 'Update your Information' button located on Personal Information card.

3. Under Email, you may see 1 or 2 email addresses listed.

Preferred – Your preferred address should read your UFV Student or Employee email address.

Personal - This could be a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or other 3rd party email account. This personal email address is where a security code will be sent to if you initiate a self-serve password reset for your myUFV computer account password. For this reason, it is important to enter a valid personal email address that you can access.

Note: If there is only a preferred email address listed, this means you have not set-up a personal email address in myUFV.


Case # 1 - No personal email address listed in myUFV – First-time setup

1. To add a personal email address - click on Add New icon Add new email icon located towards very right of the listed emails.

2. Use the drop down menu to select Personal email address as Email Type and enter your preferred choice of a valid personal email address into the email field.

3. Click Add.

Adding email


Done! Now the personal email address has successfully been setup

Case# 2 – Update or modify your existing personal email address

1. To update your personal email address - click on edit icon Edit icon located under your Personal email address.

2. Enter a new email address > Click Update

Edit email

Done! You have successfully updated your personal email address.



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