Telecom & Network Troubleshooting Guide (FAQs)

Please find below the most common FAQs for Network/Telecom questions. If you cannot find the answer you need or are still experiencing issues, kindly submit a ticket for assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Q) Calls are not being received.
A) Turn off call forwarding and/or the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature.

Q) When calls are connected, I cannot hear anything.
A) Check if the handset cable is connected correctly.


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Q) I cannot dial long-distance calls.
A) Your local extension is not enabled for long-distance calls. Please follow this link for assistance.

Q) I’m unable to call external numbers (such as 604/778 10-digit phone numbers) from my extension phone.
A) To troubleshoot, try calling 6048532281 (Abbotsford City Hall) or 7787823656 (SFU Bookstore) from your extension. If the call goes through, the UFV phone system is functioning correctly. If not, please submit a ticket for further investigation. 

Q) I forgot or don't know my voicemail PIN, or my voicemail PIN is not working.
A) Submit a request to reset your voicemail PIN.

Q) How can I view my missed, dialed, or received call history on my physical phone?
A) Please refer to this KB article for detailed instructions.

Q) The wall data port is not working (no internet or no department drive access).
A) Your wall port may be defective or not activated for use. Please submit a ticket.

Q) I have internet access but no internal network access when plugged into a wall data port.
A) Your wall data port may have limited access. Submit a request to allow internal network access, such as department drive access.

Q) I need a softphone but have no extension assigned to me.
A) You need to purchase a new softphone extension for $332 (one-time payment, including taxes).

Q) I have a physical phone and want to convert it to a softphone.
A) You need to give up your physical phone, and we will convert it to a softphone.

Q) I am one of the OREG or IT Service Desk queue agents and require a queue agent ID to work in an ACD queue.
A) Ask your supervisor to submit a request to obtain an ACD agent ID.

Q) Can you set up call forwarding for me?
A) Follow the instructions in the KB article.

Q) I'm seeing the wrong caller display name when receiving inbound calls on my smartphones. What's causing this?
A) Smartphones (Android/iPhone) utilize a feature known as spam protection. Essentially, when an incoming call is from a number not saved in your contacts, the smartphone searches the internet for information related to that number. This information can sometimes be incorrect. UFV's phone system has no control over this feature; it's a function of the smartphone device itself.​​​​​​

Q) I possess a softphone and require a fresh activation email for registration.
A) Kindly submit a request to have a new activation email sent out.

Q) As one of the OREG or IT Service Desk queue agents, I'm encountering issues with my username and password—they no longer function.
A) Your username and password are configured to never expire (or locked out). Please refer to your documentation or contact your supervisor to initiate a request for resetting your credentials if necessary.

Q) It appears the UFV parking meters might be offline. Have you attempted to activate the parking meter by pressing any key? If it remains unresponsive, it may be lacking electricity supply.
A) This issue isn't related to the network. Please be aware that network services don't supply power to parking meters. Contact Ancillary Services for assistance. If the parking meter is powered on but displays no network or internet-related error messages, please create a ticket with the IT ServiceDesk for further investigation.

Q) I currently lack access to a comprehensive list of extensions assigned to or owned by my department. Could you assist us in obtaining this information?
A) Regrettably, the Telecom team does not maintain a directory of department extensions, and as such, we do not possess a list of extensions. While we can search for individual entries to ascertain call display names, we cannot verify ownership by department. We recommend utilizing the UFV online directory or seeking assistance from our IT Service Team for further support.

Q) Can my department phone extensions be transferred to other departments within UFV?
A) No, phone extensions cannot be transferred to different departments. Each extension is funded and owned by the department's budget code and is considered an asset of the originating department.

Q) Can my wireless device connect to UFV WiFi without using Eduroam WiFi?
A) You need to submit an official IoT Service Request to determine if your device can be approved for use on the UFV WiFi network.

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