Internet of Things (IoT) Wireless Registration


Internet of Things (IoT) devices must be registered in order to connect to the UFV wireless network (i.e., not eduroam). Use this service to request wireless registration of your IoT device.

IMPORTANT: Some IoT devices may not be compatible with UFV wireless standards. Please consult with the Network Services team prior to the purchase of your device to ensure compatibility.

Examples of IoT devices include:

  • Air quality monitors
  • Sensors
  • Instructional equipment
  • Vendor appliances
  • Streaming devices (e.g., Roku)
  • Health Sciences devices

NOTE: You must provide the device media access control (MAC) address when completing this request. The MAC address is a 12-character alphanumeric code generally separated by a a colon or hyphen every two digits (e.g., 2C:54:91:88:C9:E3 OR 2C-54-91-88-C9-E3). The MAC address can be found in the system settings, the hardware information, or the network settings of your device. Commonly, the MAC address is found on a label affixed to the bottom of the device. It may also be on the box in which the device came. Manufacturers sometimes use different names to describe the MAC address, such as hardware ID or physical address.

Information Required

You will need to include the following important information as part of your request:

  • Point of contact for device
  • Device type
  • Device make and model
  • Device purpose
  • Connection frequency
  • MAC address
  • Number of devices to connect
  • Vendor name and website (if applicable)
  • Device support information (link or attachment)
  • Device location
  • Device access credentials

Click on the "Submit IoT Wireless Registration Request" and complete all required fields on the form.


For support with IoT wireless registration, contact the IT Service Desk, or

You can also check the status of your ticket in the Online Portal.

Submit IoT Wireless Registration Request


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