Voicemail & Telephone

UFV Telephone System

UFV's main telephone number is 604-504-7441 and our switchboard is associated with this number. Callers in the Chilliwack area can also dial 604-792-0025 to be automatically redirected to the Abbotsford switchboard.

Switchboard hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Internal calls from one extension to another can be completed by dialing the 4 digit extension number listed in the UFV directory.
  • Local calls to telephones outside of the UFV system can be completed by dialing 9 + the 10 digit telephone number.
  • Our extended calling area reaches from Aldergrove to Metro Vancouver. To call a telephone number located in this area dial 9 + 1 + the 10 digit telephone number.
  • Long distance calls can be made by dialing 0 to connect to the UFV switchboard operator. The operator will ask for the number you wish to be connected to and process the call.

Note: The UFV campuses in Hope and at the Abbotsford Airport are not directly connected to the larger UFV telephone system. Directory listings for faculty and staff at each of these campuses will display the 10 digit telephone number associated with these two locations.

UFV Directory

The UFV directory is searchable by name or by department.

Each listing displays the local(s) assigned to an individual, or if the person is on leave. Some entries also display a prefix in brackets before the extension. These extensions can be dialed directly by an outside caller and will bypass the automated attendant.

The area code for all direct in extensions is 604. For any listing that does not have a direct in prefix, the outside caller must dial 604-504-7441 and enter the extension number when prompted.

If the faculty or staff member has a voicemail box, the information is also shown in the directory. If they have chosen not to use UFV voicemail, the column will be left blank.


Voicemail Setup

IT Services assigns a voicemail box number and sends setup instructions once your computer account request is sent to the IT Services Help Desk.

Follow the voicemail tutorial on your phone to set up your 6-digit passcode, record your greeting, and establish a name for your mailbox.

Download the voicemail setup (PDF) for common voicemail procedures and key functions.

Retrieve Messages

  1. Dial:
  • 8* from your desk/if you do not share a local.
  • 4500 (Abbotsford) or 2800 (Chilliwack) from any phone on campus/if you share a local. When you hear the greeting start, dial * plus your mailbox number.
  • 604-854-4500 (Abbotsford) or 604-795-2800 (Chilliwack) if you are off campus. When you hear the greeting start, dial * plus your mailbox number.
  1. When prompted, enter your passcode.
  • Kept messages will be saved for 7 days and will not activate the message light on your phone
  • New messages that have not been played will be saved for 14 days before being deleted

Change Your Name or Passcode

After entering your mailbox, press U for User Options Menu and either N for Name Menu or P for Passcode.

Record a Greeting

  1. After entering your mailbox, press U for the User Options Menu.
  2. Once in the User Options Menu, press G for the Greetings Menu.
  3. Listen to the options and choose one of the following options:
  • Press 7 to record or change your Primary Greeting
  • Press 2 to record or change your Conditional Greetings (what callers hear when your line is busy or when you are not there)
  • Press 4 to record or enable your Extended Absence Greeting

Extended Absence Greeting

Before you leave, please change your voicemail greeting to inform callers of your absence. Extended absence greetings prevent callers from leaving a message in your mailbox while it is enabled.

While you are gone, if you receive a voice message that is not accessed within the next 14 days, the message will be automatically deleted from the system and is not recoverable.

If you are going to be away from your office for more than 2 weeks, please include information in your greeting stating the length of time you will be away and suggest an alternative person to contact.

Record or Enable Your Extended Absence Greeting:

  1. After entering your mailbox, press U for the User Options Menu.
  2. Once in the User Options Menu, press G for the Greetings Menu.
  3. Press 4 to record or enable your Extended Absence Greeting.





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