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Mitel MiCollab Softphone

Mitel MiCollab Softphone guide provides information on the softphones, requirements for softphones, how to use softphones, installation instructions, and using common functions. The guide is divided into sections listed below:

What is a Softphone?

A softphone is a software application that runs on a computer and functions as a phone, but without the physical handset which is replaced by a headset or by using a computer's built-in microphone/speakers. This software functions as a virtual phone and providing 2-way audio and appears graphically as a real phone on the computer's screen.  A softphone is ideal for travelers or remote workers who need access to their UFV phone system from any location where they have their laptops. The Mitel MiCollab application allows UFV employees to make phone calls on and off-campus using your UFV assigned extension.  As with any mobile service, the quality of your calls and experience is often related to the quality/speed of your internet service as well as the type of headset device (e.g. wired or wireless).

With the Mitel MiCollab Softphone, teleworkers can enjoy the same intuitive communications management as Mitel IP Phones from a remote PC or laptop. When remotely connected to the phone system via a secure network connection, mobile users can make and receive calls as though they were inside the UFV network.


  • Working from Home: Currently, MiCollab Softphone is available to install on a UFV laptop or cellular phone
  • Working on campus: MiCollab Softphone is available to install on UFV workstation, employee can either have a Softphone or Desk phone (not both)
  • RDP'ing to the UFV Workstation for using MiCollab Softphone is not recommended/supported
  • Recommended Headsets: USB Type-A wired headsets are recommended. Procurement can be made via the UFV vendor. Please submit a service request to the Service Desk

Mitel MiCollab Software Installation (Macintosh/ Windows/ iOS/ Andriod)

  1. Enrollment Email:  check your UFV email for a MiCollab enrollment email (see sample email below). 
    • Enrollment activation links expire in 7 days!  Install at your earliest convenience!
  2. Download the Desktop Software for Macintosh/Windows/IOS/Android:  
    • Macintosh and Windows
      1. Select Apple or Windows software version
      2. Follow all installation instructions
    • IOS and Android
      1. Select APP Store or Google Play
      2. Follow all installation instructions
      3. Scan the barcode or enter the Authorization key.
  3. Enter Authorization Key into MiCollab
    • The software key is in your enrollment email 

Enrolment Email Sample:  Note software installer links and authentication key.


Using the Mitel MiCollab Client (Macintosh/ Windows/ iOS/ Andriod)

Note: Softphones on cellular phones will consume wifi/mobile data.

A detailed client guide MiCollab-Client Guide.pdf is available under Attachments.

Key Mitel MiCollab client features and functions are provided below:

Placing an Internal-External Call

  1. Enter a phone number in Search Bar or select a phone number in the Make call field
  2. Press the phone icon or hit Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Depending upon your call settings, a pop-up my display prompting you to select a device to place the call. Select accordingly.


Answering a Call

  • An Incoming Call notification will appear.
  • Decline (Red button) or Accept (Green button)


VOICEMAIL - How Setup Voicemail

Existing Voicemail Box

  • You don’t need to set up your voicemail again. When your softphone is deployed, your Voicemail PIN number will default to your local number.
  • For example – If your extension is 9224, your voicemail PIN will change to 9224.
  • To change Voicemail PIN on the softphone, go to Settings → Voicemail Settings → Change Mailbox PIN.

New Voicemail box

  • You will receive voicemail setup instructions email. Voicemail PIN will be your extension number. You can set up your voicemail by calling 8* from your softphone.

VOICEMAIL - How to Check Your Voicemails

After your Voicemail is set up, you can check your voicemail a couple of ways:

  • Email:  UFV has enabled voicemail to email functionality.  Voicemails are sent to your UFV email account as an audio file.
  • MiCollab Client:  
  1. Select the Voicemail tab in the left menu bar.
  2. Enter your Voicemail Pin
  3. Playback, Delete, Call Back 

Check Missed Calls

  1. Select the Call History tab in the left menu bar and select the 'bouncing up arrow.
  2. A list of your missed call will appear.
  3. Click on any call to initiate the call.

Turn on/off your softphone status

  1. Select the Home tab in the left menu bar. 
  2. Click your SoftPhone ID at the bottom right of the MiCollab window.
  3. A dialog box will appear.  Toggle status ON or OFF.  In OFF Status will display as Disabled, your SoftPhone ID will be greyed out.


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