Microsoft 365 Quick Start Guide for Students

UFV students have access to Microsoft 365 (M365) including familiar productivity and collaboration tools such as Exchange Online, OneDrive, MS Teams, and Online Productivity Suite applications shown below.

ONLY Eligible students will be provided with an M365 account for Email, MS-Teams and the MS Productivity Suite.  To be eligible, you must have been registered for a course in the last 3 semesters.

M365 for Students provides students a more robust set of tools, enhancing their remote learning experiences and creating more collaborative opportunities.

Find below information on the M365 components that are currently available for UFV Students and a list of resources to learn how to set up and use Microsoft 365 on your computer, phone, and tablet. Note that many of these links reference content on the Microsoft Office Support site. The article is divided into the following sections:

M365 Applications Download and Login

 Microsoft 365 General

 Email on M365 - Outlook

 MS Teams for Collaboration

  OneDrive for File Storage

 Microsoft Online Productivity Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote)



M365 Applications Download and Login

Download M365 Applications

Students can access M365 Online Productivity suite application on the office web portal and also download M365 applications - Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access (available for PC only) and  Publisher (available for PC only). For information on how to download applications on your PC check this KB article.

Using M365 Online productivity suite applications on the office web portal might be limited in features. For more advanced features, the downloaded version should be used.
Find out the difference between using the application on the web portal and desktop application here on Microsoft web page.


The list of M365 applications available for students:


Login to M365 Applications

Students can access M365 Online Productivity suite applications on the office web portal and also download the M365 applications as shown in above section. Once downloaded, you can sign in to the applications to start using it on PC. For information on how to login to M365 applications both ways, refer to the following articles:

    - Login to M365 applications on office web portal

    - Login to M365 applications downloaded on PC


 Microsoft 365 General


 Email on M365 

UFV provides email services to students through Exchange Online (a cloud-based service that is part of M365). Exchange Online has replaced the previous student email platform, Zimbra. Exchange Online is a more modern platform that is mobile-friendly and provides enhanced cybersecurity and information protection.

  • Accessing UFV email (Students)

Students can access their UFV email (e.g. via two methods listed below

ITS only supports the Outlook application or Outlook Web Portal and recommends students to use it to access UFV provided email. More information on how to use the Outlook application here.




 MS Teams

MS Teams is a collaboration tool that supports collaboration spaces, online meetings, audio, video, and file sharing.

File sharing in direct chats (in one-on-one or group) is currently only available to students, as it requires a OneDrive account (only available to Students).
Students and instructors can share files within an MS Teams Channel, but are encouraged to continue using other established methods for one-on-one file sharing as needed.




OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud-based file storage service. You can use it to store your files and share them with others; all files stored in OneDrive are private unless you decide to share them. When you use the applications in Microsoft’s Online Productivity Suite (see below), you can save your files in OneDrive, making your work accessible from anywhere and on all your devices.


 Microsoft Online Productivity Suite

The Microsoft Online Productivity Suite provides a set of tools and programs for common productivity tasks, including a word processing program, a spreadsheet tool, presentation software, an email program, and others.






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