Office 365: Free For Students and Employees

Microsoft 365 (M365) Apps: For UFV Students

UFV students have access to Microsoft 365 (M365) including familiar productivity and collaboration tools such as Exchange Online, OneDrive, MS Teams, and Online Productivity Suite applications shown below.

Only ELIGIBLE students will be provided with an M365 account for Email, MS-Teams and the MS Productivity Suite.  To be eligible, you must have been registered in a course in the last 3 semesters.

Microsoft apps icons

M365 for Students provides students with a more robust set of tools, enhancing their remote learning experiences and creating more collaborative opportunities.

For more information on M365 for Students, see Microsoft 365 Quick Start Guide for Students.

Microsoft 365 (M365) Apps: Free for UFV Employees

Microsoft's Home Use Program (HUP) is now discontinued and has been replaced with Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise).

UFV employees can receive Office productivity suite for free (based on the Microsoft Office 365 Education Agreement) by signing in using your email address. 

Employees need to be aware that this is for use on a maximum of 5 devices only. This product is not meant to be installed on any UFV-owned Computer, laptop, or tablet.

For Employees - How to install Microsoft 365 apps?

  • Visit
  • Sign in using your email address
  • If prompted, select Account created by your IT Department
  • Enter the same password you use to access your UFV device/email
  • Select Install Office, the Office 365 apps


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