Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)


This service is used to request a remote desktop (RDP) connection to a UFV campus computer. RDP access is needed if you will be off-campus and using a personal device, but you need to connect to a computer on a UFV campus. 

If you utilize a UFV issued laptop off-campus, you do not require an RDP connection.  UFV laptops come with AlwaysOn VPN which allows you to connect to UFV resources from anywhere. For more information about AlwaysOn, view this knowledge base article.

IMPORTANT: Before submitting this request, you must have approval to work remotely. This form does not provide approval to work remotely. For approval of remote work, please contact your manager.

The following resources do not require a remote desktop (RDP) connection:

  • Email: Sign in with your UFV email address at or on the desktop app. For more help with accessing your email, visit this knowledge base article.
  • Network Files (Dept Drive): Sign in with your network username (e.g., doej) and password at If you have a laptop that uses AlwaysOn, you can access your department files directly from anywhere. For more help for accessing your network files, visit this knowledge base article.
  • Microsoft Office Suite: The Microsoft Office Suite is available in a web browser (go to or for desktop download. Sign in with your UFV email address. For more help for using the Microsoft Office Suite, visit this knowledge base article.
  • Adobe Acrobat: Sign in with your UFV email address at or on the desktop app. For more help for using Adobe Acrobat, see the “Off-Network Install” section of this knowledge base article.

Information Required

Please copy and fill in the following information when you submit your request:

  • First and last name
  • Employee ID number
  • Department
  • UFV issued hardware information including workstation ID
  • Home/remote hardware information
  • Software requirements


If IT Services determines you will require a remote connection, the IT Service Desk will contact you with instructions on how to set up your remote desktop connection.

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