Network Files - Employee

Network files

What drives do employees have access to?

  • F: drive (HomeDIR) – Your personal storage space - You can add, modify, and delete files.
  • G: drive (Departments) – Your department storage space – staff will be given access to specific files and folders as specified by their department.
  • H: drive (Employee) – Employees’ campus-wide public storage space.
  • Q Drive (Instructor) – Used by instructors to distribute course files to students. Faculty can add, modify, or delete files. Students can only read and save files.
  • Groups (Optional) – Additional network drive access for some staff members.

Access the employee network drives off campus

You may access and manage UFV network folders and drives remotely by logging in to:

  • myFiles or
  • myUFV
    • Login to myUFV using your employee ID and password (see myUFV account for more information).
    • On the Home tab, under "UFV Resources" click on myFiles.

Instructions for using myFiles can located here: Employees - Accessing Network Files Remotely Using myFiles in Gateway


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