Always ON VPN Connection Setup and Troubleshooting

Employee guide on troubleshooting steps for Always ON VPN connection.

Verify Always ON VPN Connection

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi off campus and make sure you can access the internet
  2. Click on the network icon on your taskbar, to check if “UFV AO VPN Device” is connected as per the image below
    If not connected, go to step 3. Otherwise, skip to the step 4 for mapping network drives

  1. To re-connect to the “UFV AO VPN Device

a. Click on “UFV AO VPN Device

  1. Click on the “Connect” button

  1. If successful, “UFV AO VPN Device” will show Connected.

  1. If unsuccessful, reboot your system.

  1. When VPN connection is lost, UFV shared network drives may get disconnected, check if listed in File Explorer


  1. If the UFV network drives are not listed, locate on your computer Desktop “Map Network Drives” icon, double-click to run and re-connect


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