Always ON VPN (Remote Access)

Always on VPN ensures employees are connecting to UFV applications on a secure network.

If your computer does not connect properly, follow these instructions:

Check your Wi-Fi and eduroam connections

When off campus check:

  1. Wi-Fi (eduroam) is connected to the internet; and
  2. UFV AO VPN Device is connected (click network icon on taskbar).

    Check if UFV AO VPN is connected
  3. If both eduroam and UFV AO VPN are connected, go to Mapping network drives.
  4. If not connected, click UFV AO VPN Device.

    Click UFV AO VPN Device
  5. Click on the Connect button.

    Click Connect button
  6. Check again to see if UFV AO VPN Device shows Connected.

    Success if it shows Connected
  7. If unsuccessful, restart your computer.

Mapping network drives

When VPN connection is lost, UFV shared network drives may get disconnected.

  1. Check if you can view your network drives in File Explorer:

    Check File Explorer to view network files
  2. If your UFV network drives are not listed, go to your computer desktop and click the Map Network Drives icon to run and re-connect the drives.

Map Network Drives button

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