Zoom - Video Conferencing for Employees

Zoom for Employees

Zoom is a secure video conferencing platform that allows participants to collaborate, share screens, and conduct group activities from nearly any device. UFV Zoom accounts allow you to host meetings. People attending your meeting (including students) will not require an account or license to join. Employees can access Zoom on their UFV Computers, but you can also download and install Zoom on your desktop or mobile phones.


UFV Zoom account will only let you sign in on one account only. If you are logged into Zoom in a browser, your login to the Zoom application will fail and vice-versa.

Install Zoom on Personal Device

UFV Workstations have Zoom already installed.


  1. Visit https://ufv-ca.zoom.us/download

    ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ is the download covered in this document.

  2. Click ‘Download’ and wait for completion.

  3. Each web browser may display the completion differently. (Example shown in Chrome).
    Initiate the installer by clicking the downloaded file.

  4. Wait for the installation to complete. If there are any install errors please contact the IT Service Desk.


Log in to Zoom using a Web Browser

1.  Visit https://ufv-ca.zoom.us/

2.  Click on 'Sign in'

3.  Login with your credentials

     For employees:

Username: UFV employee email address

Password: UFV Email Account Password

You might have to enter the authentication information for the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).


You should now be able to successfully log in to Zoom.


Log in to Zoom Desktop Application

1.  For personal devices, the Zoom application can be installed here.

2.  On Windows, click the 'Start' icon. Then type 'Zoom' in the search bar and then click Open.

 On Mac, use the 'Search' icon on the top right to find and open Zoom. 

3.  Once you open Zoom, Click on Sign-In with SSO.