Switch Existing Zoom Account

Switch Existing Zoom Account (Personal account with UFV email to UFV License)

UFV now provides a Zoom license for employees. If you already had a Zoom account created with your UFV employee email before UFV launched the service, you can choose one of the two options below:

OPTION 1 - Keep both the accounts separate - To accomplish this, you need to change the UFV email address on your existing Zoom account to a personal email. Once changed, you can sign in to both Zoom accounts separately, one existing with your personal email and another once with UFV email (UFV provided account).

OPTION 2 - Combine both the accounts -  This can be done when you sign into Zoom for the first time after Zoom launch at UFV. The next section below shows steps on how to do it. 

     Switch Existing Zoom to UFV license 

     NOTE - This method will import data from your existing Zoom account with UFV email address to new UFV provided Zoom account.

  1.  A) Web-Browser

to zoom via https://ufv-ca.zoom.us/



B) Zoom Desktop App

Open the app and click on Sign-In with SSO

Enter ufv-ca in company domain and click on continue.

  1. This will open a web browser which will ask you to login. Enter your employee credentials (lastname first initial) with network password to sign in.

  1. After signing in, you’ll receive an email link from zoom in your inbox.


  1. Open the link and select I acknowledge and switch button.

  1. After switching the account, you’ll see this message below.

  1. Close this message and try to login again using the same steps above and you should be able to login into your zoom account.



If you get an SSO error message as below then follow the steps below:

  1. If you see the above error, then you MUST open the following URL to log you out of the OPEN Zoom account.
  •       Bookmark this URL:   https://ufvfim.ufv.ca/adfs/ls/?wa=wsignout1.0
  •      Once you see "Sign Out - You have successfully signed out", close the browser window.  
  1.  You can now log into Zoom in the browser or application.  Follow steps above.




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