Extend Employee Account


Contract employee accounts (staff contract, sessional instructor, student co-op etc) will have expiration dates. Contract employees will be notified by email two weeks before their accounts expire.  Account extentions should be requested as soon as possible to ensure access continues through the extended contract date.

For the purpose of account creations and extentions, IT Services considers “Sessionals”  to be anyone with Instructor or Sessional in their title that has an expiration date on their employee account. For auxiliary or contract staff and students that are not instructors, the department must provide a expiration date based on contract end date.

All sessional Instructors follow the policy for expiration as set below:

Sessional accounts will be extended for 3 semesters plus one month. The dates for expiry are as follows:

  • January 31st
  • May 31st
  • September 30th

Information Required

Please copy and fill in the following information when you submit your request:                     

  • First and last name of the account to be extended
  • Select contract instructor, contract auxilliary, contract student or contract staff
  • In the case of auxiliary or contract staff and students, enter the expiry date for account

Once the account is extended, the IT Service Desk sends notification of completion to requestor.


Once the account is extended no additional action is required by the contract employee.


Contact the IT Service Desk, or check the ticket status in the Online Portal for updates.

Service Catalogue Entry

Service Name Extend Employee Account
Service Users Faculty, Staff
Description University administration uses this service to extend access to an employee account for contract renewal.
Category Accounts and Access
Sub Category Employee Accounts
Supporting Services Active Directory
Service Owner CIO
Business Owner Director, HR & Staff Relations
Authorized Requesters

Director, Department Assistant,
Administrative Assistant,
Executive Assistant,
Program Assistant,
VP or Dean, Administrative Assistant as authorized by VP or Dean,
Instructional Department Head,
Manager, Human Resources

Request Process Submit the request via web form in the Online Portal,
Ticket assigned to IT Service Desk group for fulfillment.
Approval Requirement/Process As per detailed processes.
Requirements and Pre-requisites

- New expiry date, or
- Whether staff member is a sessional/contract instructor

Turnaround Time for New Requests

2 business days

Requester Responsibility The employee with the account expiring must follow the steps outlined in the IT account expiration reminder email.
Support Hours IT Service Desk business hours.
Hours of Availability/Planned Downtime 24/7
Support Process Contact the IT Service Desk, check ticket status in the Online Portal.
Support Owner Service Delivery Manager
Support Documentation Online Portal Knowledge Base
Customer Costs N/A


Submit Extend Employee Account Request


Fri 2/7/20 12:10 PM
Fri 6/26/20 3:46 PM