Online Courses

How to log in to online courses on Blackboard/ myClass

Log into a Blackboard Learn course at myClass using the following credentials.

Ensure you click on the blue icon "Login to myClass"  (highlighted in red) to sign in using your student/ employee email address. Do not use the Login icon on the top right corner highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below (This is for special log in accounts only)


  • Username: UFV student/ employee email address
  • Password: UFV student/ employee email account password


If you are on a UFV campus, make sure you use the eduroam network to connect through wireless to a Blackboard Learn online course.

If you are having difficulties using Blackboard Learn, it may be due to the web browser you are using. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to navigate Blackboard Learn.

For general online course information, please go to the UFV myClass info page.


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