Tech Quick Start for Students


Learn how to access UFV computing resources.


Password versus a Passphrase

If you have never logged into any of your UFV accounts, you will need to create a password.

Password example: Canada!6&
  • Meets password complexity requirements
  • Hard to remember 
  • Can be guessed within hours 

Create your password at

Passphrase example: Regain!PointerNurseryDehydrate1
  • Phrase of random words
  • Easy to remember
  • Would take a computer 5 billion years to guess.

Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) 

  • MFA refers to using multiple steps to verify your login.
  • This could be a one-time code or a notification sent to your phone in addition to your password. 
  • It is UFV's way to verify it is really you.
  • MFA is required for all UFV students to use. 
  • If you have a cell phone, set up MFA,at
  • If you don't have a cell phone, go to
  • For additional information, go to Account Security.

Student Email 

  • UFV provides all active students with a Microsoft 365 (M365) account.
  • The M365 account provides student email and many more software tools. 
  • Log into your student email at using the following:
    • Email address:  
    • Password: Same as myUFV password 
  • All active students have a free license for M365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc).
  • Log in at using your student email account to get started. 
  • More information about M365 account can be found at M365 for Students.


  • Log into myUFV at using the following:
    • Your student email address and password.  
  • MyUFV is the central UFV portal where you can access most online student services.
  • Read more about myUFV at myUFV for Students.

Blackboard / myClass 

  • Blackboard (aka myClass) is UFV’s Learning Management System.
  • It is used by instructors to:
    • Provide students with course material.
    • Access and submit assignments and tests.
    • Host online classes.  
  • Log in to Blackboard at using the following:
    • Your student email and password. 
  • For useful tips and resources on using Blackboard:

Eduroam Wi-Fi 

  • As a current UFV student or employee, connect to UFV wireless network (Wi-Fi) by using the eduroam (education roaming) services. 
  • Follow the instructions on how to download the eduroam app and setup your eduroam connection at UFV at Connect to Eduroam Wi-Fi.

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