Student Email Account

How to access student email

Students can access their email by logging into their myUFV account using their student ID number and password.

Email format

  • Example:
  • Common names may have sequence numbers added to the email address
  • Example:

Set up automatic forwarding

Many email clients available as internet downloads can access the student email system using POP and IMAP account type settings.

You need to log in to your second email account and use the options menu to configure its advanced settings.

POP/IMAP settings

  • Username: student ID number
  • Password: 8-12 digit PIN


  • Inbound =
  • Outbound =

At home

  • Inbound =
  • Outbound = your own ISP setting

Be aware of possible negative effects of auto-forwarding

The auto-forwarding target account may fail to receive or accept your UFV email for various reasons (e.g., attachments are too large, it marks it as SPAM, or it just is unavailable).

If you chose to leave a copy of the mail on the UFV server, we suggest you regularly delete old messages so your storage limit is not exceeded resulting in your incoming UFV email being rejected.


When does my account expire?

Changing your student status will not affect your UFV student email account. You will retain access to your UFV student email after you graduate or take time off from your studies.


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