Email: Troubleshoot UFV Provided Mobile Device Keeps Prompting for a Password When Accessing Email

Employees who have a UFV provided devices should have their UFV email account set up in it. If you experience any difficulties with your email apps connecting to your UFV email account after UFV email migration, please follow the instructions provided below based on the device you have. 

UFV Provided iPhone

UFV Provided iPhone should automatically sync your email account to the default Mail application. To check if your iPhone is successfully connected to UFV mobile device management (MDM) and has your UFV email configured, check out this article here. If your email doesn't sync properly please follow the steps below to confirm that you don't have another UFV email account added manually.

  1. Open the Mail app.

  2. After email migration, UFV Provided iPhone should automatically sync your email account to the default Mail application, but if it keeps prompting for a password, it means you may have a manually added UFV email account from the iPhone settings. So, that manual user-added account may keep prompting you for a password to be entered.


How to Check if you have a manually added account

  1. Open Settings -> Passwords & Accounts. If you see two accounts there:

    UFV Hosted Email - Added automatically 
    (name can vary depending on account description given when adding account) - Manually added by the user in iPhone Settings

How to Resolve the issue with a password prompt?

To resolve the issue with email account prompting for a password, you need to remove that user added account. Follow the steps listed below to remove that account.

  1. Open Settings -> Passwords & Accounts.
  2. Click on the user-added account 'e.g. Exchange'.
  3. Ensure that this is your account by checking the email address. Click on it to check 'Account Description'.

  4. If this the correct duplicate UFV email account, scroll down on the account page and click on 'Delete Account' and click 'Delete from my iPhone'.

  5. Go back to your Mail app and ensure you are able to see the account named 'UFV Hosted Email'.

    Or Check in your settings if you only see one account associated with the UFV email address named 'UFV Hosted Email'.


UFV Provided Android Phone

UFV Provided Android phones are set up for UFV email, the same way as your personal android phone. Check out this article here for the instructions on how to setup UFV email on an android phone.


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