Network File Share Employee Access


What network file shares do employees have access to?

  • F: drive (HomeDIR) – Your personal storage space - You can add, modify, and delete files.
  • G: drive (Departments) – Your department storage space – staff will be given access to specific files and folders as specified by their department.
  • H: drive (Employee) – Employees campus-wide public storage space.
  • Q Drive (Instructor) – Used by instructors to distribute course files to students. Faculty can add, modify, or delete files. Students can only read and save files.
  • S: Groups (Optional) – Additional secured network drive access for subsets of employees within departments, or across different departments.

Information Required

If additional group or departmental file/folder share drive access is required for an employee, please fill in the following information when you submit your request:

  • First and last name of the employee needing access
  • Name and folder path of S: drive group folder, or name of G: departmental drive folder
  • Date access is required by
  • Ensure as requester you have authorization to request on behalf of accessor. (Determined by title for G: drive access, or for group S: shares it is defined by owner). Authorized requesters: 
  • Director, Departmental Assistant, an Administrative Assistant e.g. Executive Assistant, Program Assistant etc., or as authorized by Director.
  • VP or Dean, or Administrative Assistant as authorized by VP or Dean
  • Instructional department head, Manager
  • Employees on the Exceptions List (internal list maintained by IT Services)

Once the access has been granted, the IT Service Desk will notify the requester of completion.


Employees will need to logout and log back in once permissions have been granted to see the file share access.  On campus, files can be accessed through the Windows File Explorer. 

To access employee network files shares remotely from off campus, visit:

  • myFiles
    • Login to myFiles using your UFV network username and password
  • myUFV
    • Login to myUFV using your UFV employee ID number and myUFV password (see myUFV account for more information).
    • Click on the Online Services tab.
    • Under Network Files click on myFiles.

Download myFiles instructions with screenshots (PDF).



Contact the IT Service Desk, or check the ticket status in the Online Portal for updates.

Service Catalogue Entry

Service Name Manage an Employee's Access to a Shared Drive/folder/files                                                                                                                                        
Service Users



Description Request that access be granted or revoked for a person to an existing shared drive/folder/file.
Category Accounts and Access
Sub Category Accounts
Supporting Services Active Directory
Service Owner CIO
Business Owner Owner of the information on the Shared Drive (department, or named specified owner)
Authorized Requesters Owner of the Shared Drive, or authorized requester.
Request Process Submit the request via web form in Online Portal,
Ticket assigned to IT Service Desk for fulfillment.
Approval Requirement/Process Owner of the information (drive/folder/file share)
Requirements and Pre-requisites

Employee that is being granted / losing access,
File folder name or path (or someone of whom you're copying access off)

Turnaround Time for New Requests

2 business days

Requester Responsibility Provide the information and approvals
Support Hours IT Service Desk business hours
Hours of Availability/Planned Downtime 24/7
Support Process

Contact the IT Service Desk

Check the status of the ticket in the Online Portal

Support Owner Service Delivery Manager
Support Documentation Online Portal Knowledge Base
Customer Costs N/A


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