Reset Your Employee Network Password - SSPR

Reset Your Password

If you forget your employee password or are locked out of your account, you can reset your own password.

1) Go to in your web browser

2) Enter your full UFV email address in the User ID field and complete the Captcha if required.


3) Click Next.


4) Based on the authentication method(s) you chose when you enrolled, you will have the option to choose your verification. Click the button next to the method you want to use. You may be asked to use more than one method.

Detailed Steps:


                1) The email address you registered with SSPR will be partially concealed. Click Email to receive a code there.


                2) Enter the code emailed to you in the box provided and click Next.


                1) For both text and call, you will need to enter the phone number you provided when enrolling. It will be partially concealed. Enter your phone number and click Text or Call.

                2) Enter the code that was texted to you, or that you received from the automated call. Click Next.\

                Notification: Authenticator App

                1) To send a notification to the Authenticator app, click Send Notification.

                2) You will see the loading screen below. Approve the notification on your phone to continue.


                Code: Authenticator App

                1) Open the Authenticator App on your phone. Enter the verification code in the app and click Next.


After completing your verification steps, enter your new password and confirm:

Click Finish to complete the process.

You can now log in to your UFV workstation and email using your new password!

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