Self-Service Password Reset Enrollment

When you enroll for Self Service Password Reset (SSPR), you will be able to reset your UFV network/email password without contacting the IT Service Desk. This one-time enrollment will make it faster and easier to get back into your account if you ever forget your password.

You must know your current email/network password to register. If you do not know your current password, please email to get help.

Register for SSPR

1) Navigate to in your web browser and click Sign in:

You may be logged in automatically. If you are prompted for a username and password, sign in with your existing UFV email address and network password.

2) Click 'Update Info' on the Security info widget.

You will be brought to your Security Info page where you can choose your preferred authentication option for SSPR. You can choose any two or more of the following methods:  Phone, Email, Authenticator App (on your mobile device)

3) Click Add method to add your two methods. See below for detailed steps on each method.

You must choose at least two of the following options. We recommend setting up two unique methods, in case you get locked out of one (lose your phone, out of the office, can't access email, etc.)

How to set up each method (detailed steps):

Click the links below for detailed steps to add any of these methods:

Questions? Something not working right? Don’t worry, the Service Desk can still help you with your account if you ever need assistance. Email to get help.


Once you're done:

Great! Once you have at least two of these methods set up, you can reset your own password at any time.If you are ever prompted for a code when logging in, we just need to verify it’s really you. Retrieve the code from the authentication method(s) you set up, and you will be able to log in.

You can also:



Detailed Steps

Option 1: Authenticator app

To use this method, you will need to download the free Microsoft Authenticator app to your mobile phone. Your one-time codes required for authentication will appear in the app when you open it.

Did you know? Many sites that use multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be configured in this same app – an easy way to keep all of your accounts secure!

1) Get the app for your device by using the Download now button at the prompt, or from these stores:

  • Android: From
  • Apple iPhone: From


2) If prompted by your mobile phone, “allow” Microsoft Authenticator to send you notifications. Click Next

3) In the Microsoft Authenticator app, click “Add Account”. If you do not see it, click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, then “Add account”.

You will be prompted to scan a QR code with your camera. Scan the QR code and click Next.

4) You will be sent a notification to the Microsoft Authenticator app. Click Approve on the notification to finish setup:

Once approved, click Next

Click Next again to complete setup with Microsoft Authenticator.

Option 2: Phone/Alternative Phone

Authentication via Phone can be done one of two ways: text me or call me. Text me will require a cell phone with text messaging capabilities.  Otherwise, call me can be used.

1) Select the country for your area code and provide the phone number you wish to use for authentication.

2) Click text me if you wish to receive a text message authentication code.
    Select call me if you wish to receive an automated voice call with your authentication code.

For your second method, you can add an Alternative Phone the same way. An Alternative Phone can only be used with the option to call me.

Option 3: App Password

An App Password is a randomly generated password that you can use to prove your identity. You will need to keep it in a safe place as it cannot be reset and cannot be recovered.

1) Enter a name for your app password. Click Next.

2) Save your password in a safe place.

Option 4: Office Phone

To use your UFV office phone, you must be present to interact with the phone (press the pound key). So, this is not recommended if you are not on campus.

1. Enter the area code (Canada +1)

2. Enter the full UFV phone number for your department and line (not just your 4 digit extension).


Update or Change Contact Methods

Did you make a mistake when enrolling? Did you get a new device? Want to try out something new? You can update the information for SSPR yourself, without needing to contact the Service Desk.

To update or change the information you enrolled with, navigate to and sign in with your UFV account. You must know your password to change the information.

1) Once signed in, click ‘Security info' in the left hand pane.

2) To add a new method, click + Add method. Click Change next to the option you wish to modify:

Self Service Password Reset Rationale

Why are we being asked to provide a second email and phone number?

As UFV moves to the cloud, for all its substantial benefits, we want to keep your information safe. The largest threat is password compromise, usually by hacking of third party services, phishing, or weak passwords. With COVID-19 our adoption of the cloud through remote work has accelerated and we are facing potential threats that require us to move quickly, more so than ever before. We cannot rely on passwords alone to protect us, and credential theft is easy and occurs frequently.

Registering for self service password reset (SSPR) allows you to easily unlock and change a password anytime and anywhere. Regardless if the password was forgotten, or has been changed due to a suspected compromise, the UFV community can unlock their account, change their password and get access restored.  By providing an alternate email, phone number, or using a mobile app, individuals can register for SSPR.  These alternative methods can be used instead of, or in addition to a password, to authenticate the individual.  In addition, SSPR will allow UFV to adopt multi-factor authentication (MFA) to better protect our community and its information.  

Is this really necessary, are other Universities doing this?

All Canadian universities are facing this same challenge and are already using SSPR and MFA technology to secure their systems. The recent report on security at higher education shows this is becoming almost universally adopted. Outside higher education, the banking system and financial institutions have completely adopted this to protect their customer’s savings and investments. Health systems are also starting to adopt this at the same pace as higher education for patient privacy.


How are you protecting my information?

We understand concerns about privacy, and both SSPR and MFA are designed to enhance privacy and security. Most of the UFV community will have already used these techniques when interacting  with banking, financial transactions, or other personal services.  Similar to these other institutions, UFV’s staff will enter the information and method that they decide will be used to validate their identity. This information, email and phone number, remains protected and secure.  This is used  to confirm the individual’s identity, either before resetting the password, or as an additional trust mechanism when its required. In addition, you  can change the phone number or email anytime using UFV’s Azure account portal.

What options do I have to register?

SSPR and MFA require two extra ways to verify your identity. The most common are a secondary email, and mobile phone number. If you do not wish to use an existing account, you can create a free email account with Microsoft, Google, or another provider that you can have only for UFV SSPR and MFA communications.  If you have an android or iPhone, you can use the Google authenticator app, or similar, to generate a secure onetime passcode, rather than enter a phone number.

I have other questions…

Finally, I would like to have anyone that has remaining concerns to reach out to me. We are proceeding with this rollout knowing there are going to be questions, and we will endeavour to answer each one.  In doing so we will be transparent about why this is necessary, and how this will improve privacy for our community.  Open a ticket with the Service Desk, or email our cyber security account at “”


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Information Security Architect

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