Reset Your UFV Email Account Password - SSPR for Student and Employee

Active students and employees can use Microsoft Self-Service Password Reset to reset their UFV account password without contacting the IT Service Desk.

You must be enrolled for Microsoft Self-Service Password Reset before you can use the steps to reset the password provided in this article.
To enroll, follow the steps in the article here: How to enroll in Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR).
Only active students can use SSPR. If you are alumni or have not been registered for a course in the last 3 semesters, you should instead follow this article here to reset your student account password: Reset Password and Unlock Student Account.

The Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) will also change the password for any other applications associated with the same account. For a full list of applications using your email account credentials, visit the article UFV ITS Services and Password Conventions.


Reset Password Using Microsoft SSPR

1) Go to in your web browser.

Note: if you see the error: "You can't reset your own password because you haven't registered for password reset", you did not complete the enrollment. To enroll, first contact the Service Desk to reset your password so you can log in. Then, follow the steps in the article here: How to enroll into Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR).

2) Enter your full UFV email address in the User ID field and complete the Captcha if required.

Field to enter UFV email address and captcha if required

3) Click Next.

4) Based on the authentication method(s) you chose when you enrolled, you will have the option to choose your verification. Click the button next to the method you want to use. You may be asked to use more than one method.

Choosing the option to verify your authentication

5) After completing your verification steps, enter your new password and enter it again to confirm:

Enter your new password and enter it again to confirm

6) Click Finish to complete the process.

You can now log in to your UFV workstation and email using your new password!
Important: make sure you update all your devices and any saved passwords; including eduroam wifi login.

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