Reset Your Employee Network Login Account Password


This document provides instructions for UFV employees on how to change UFV network account password ( Note: this the password uses to log on UFV workstation and email ).

The steps are included how to change the password when sitting in front of UFV workstation as well as how to change it remotely via the Outlook Web app.

Procedure Steps

To change/reset password on campus from UFV office computer

  1. Log on computer
  2. Press ctrl+alt+delete
  3. Click on Change a password
  4. Follow the prompts to change your password

To change/reset password on any devices ( Mac, windows, ipad, etc )

  1.  Launch the Outlook Web App via your browser by going to
  2.  Log in to your account
  3.  Click on the Options menu at the top right-side of your screen (see screen shot below)
  4.  Click on Change Your Password…
  5.  Follow the prompts to change your password


Note: Please remember manually update the new password on your personal devices ( Laptop, phone) for Eduroam Wi-Fi connection as well as the any devices that configure to access employee outlook email or RDP from home.




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