Faculty Course Enrolment


This service is used to request adding or removing enrolment in a course for a lab monitor, teaching assistant, observer, evaluator, etc.  

For more information about the roles that can be requested, see our "Blackboard Roles Matrix" below.

NOTE:  An instructor or student cannot invite a non-registered student, member of the public, instructor, etc., into a classroom unless that person has a formal reason to be there.  

TIP: Students enrolled through the Office of the Registrar will be automatically populated in the course shell. Instructors can view their students listed in their course shell through the Course Management, Grade Centre or in Users and Groups. 

Information Required

UFV faculty can complete the Faculty Course Enrolment request form to request adding or removing enrolment in a course for a lab monitor, teaching assistant, observer, evaluator, etc.  Please provide the following information when filling out the form: 


Click on the "Submit Course Enrolment Request" and complete all required fields on the form.

The below matrix contains more information on Blackboard roles:





Full instructor access that includes Course Management

Designated instructors are completed by Scheduling. Please be aware students can be confused if there are multiple instructors in a course and who they should be communicating with. 

Course Builder 

No access to Grade centre    

This role will provide privileges to upload content material. No access to the Course Grade Centre.

Teaching Assistant 

Most instructor privileges 

This role will provide instructor privileges that include the Grade centre. Cannot create play lists in the Kaltura Media Gallery.  


Read only 

Request by instructors for student to be added as lab monitor or for peer review of a course.



This role will provide access similar to what a student has. Can view content, submit assignments and exams, post discussions, and check their own grades.

SLG Leader 

Read only 

Must be listed with Supported Learning Group Leaders. List is updated each Term.

SLG Leader Edit 

Edit/Add content 

Same as above: SLG Leader with ability to Edit/Add content.


Contact the IT Service Desk, or check the ticket status of your tickets in the Online Portal for updates.

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